Thank you for your interest in the Uptown Fellows program!

As soon as we receive all of your application materials, we will contact you to set up Skype / phone interviews and will endeavor to have an answer to you within 3-4 weeks of receiving all your application materials.

  • Early Application Deadline: November 1
  • Winter Deadlines: December 1, January 1, February 1
  • Spring Deadlines: March 1, April 1, May 1
  • Summer Deadlines: June 1, July 1, August 1
  • Apply early as spots will begin to fill up by early winter!

Questions? Email or call 469.388.3832


The Uptown Fellows Program at Incarnation engages and develops young disciples of Christ prepared to make a significant impact on their local church, the global church, their families and communities. Fellows will graduate trained for reconciliation, mentoring, service to the poor and the church, ongoing spiritual growth and worship leadership.

The result of the Uptown Fellows experience leads some graduates into ministry and others into the corporate workforce. These future leaders are equipped to serve wherever God may call them.

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(It is a cooperative effort between the Fellows Board and the applicant to seek a work assignment within the field to which you aspire)

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Tell us about yourself.

Please be as brief as possible: limit your response to the first question to one page and your responses to the remainder of the questions to approximately one paragraph.

Please describe your spiritual background and testimony.

Who has influenced your life in the most important ways?

Where and how is God leading you to fulfill your life goals?

Please describe your family and your relationship with your parent(s) and any sibling(s).

What do you perceive are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? Include your personality, values and work ethic.

Please give an example of how your devotion to God and love for what is good and right has set an example for others.

How did you learn about the Uptown Fellows?

Please describe your experience as a participant or leader in a Christian ministry. What gifts would you be able to contribute to the ministry of Incarnation?

A significant part of the program is living in an intentional Christian community. What experiences have you had in Christian community that would prepare you for this aspect of the program?

Please also provide:

A current résumé listing work and volunteer experiences since graduating from high school, and any college honors or awards. This will be used in arranging your workplace internship.
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A current photo.
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Three references to include a pastoral reference, a professional or academic reference, and character reference. Do not list relatives.

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