Letter From Leadership

First let me say welcome! Welcome to our site and our community.

The Uptown Fellows program is based at Church of the Incarnation. Incarnation is a theologically evangelical and orthodox church in Dallas, Texas. Our church started as a modest brick chapel back in 1897 and has become a 7-acre campus with two locations dedicated to worship, discipleship, leadership, and service to others. We’ve been around a while and continue to live into all God is calling us to do.

As a church, we know much has been entrusted to us and thus much is expected from us. And one of our core mission points is to raise up the next generation of Christ-centered leaders. We host international conferences and provide curriculum and programming to churches across the country in an effort to share the resources we have been blessed with and help them grow disciples of Christ.

The Uptown Fellows program grew out of this same calling. We know young adults today desire spiritual and leadership development to become the next generation of leaders in the workforce, in ministry, in their families, and in their communities.

In a culture that is forever speeding up, we hope to help you quiet down your hearts and minds for a season so you might enter your careers truly equipped to answer God’s call on your life. Our goal is that you will graduate from this program trained in reconciliation, mentoring, service to the poor and the church, worship and practical leadership, and continue to grow and strengthen your relationship with the Lord.

If you feel God’s calling toward a time of spiritual formation through a sacramental lens and within a framework of communal living, education, and service, I invite you to consider applying today!

My best,


Jen LeBlanc is the COO for Church of the Incarnation and leads the Uptown Fellows program alongside the board and Fr. John Sundara.